Core Capability

  • Filmshop

    Filmshop is an image acquisition and processing software independently developed by Cellixsoft for integrated circuit technical analysis and patent analysis. It was released in 2003.

    Filmshop is primarily used within Cellixsoft and the software system is also licensed to some research institutes and universities/colloges at home and abroad.

  • Highlights

    Integrated with pattern recognition, software engineering and other advanced technology, Filmshop is an excellent combination of software technology and chip image processing requirements.

    Filmshop can efficiently complete the large-scale acquisition of optical and electron microscopic images, and complete the seamless stitching and accurate alignment.

    Supporting microscope vendors: Carl Zeiss, FIE, Leica, Olympus and Hitachi.

  • ChipLogic Family

    ChipLogic Family (CLF) is an integrated circuit analysis and design tool independently developed by Cellixsoft. CLF was released in 2002. It is mainly used for integrated circuit netlist extraction, layout design and ROM code extraction.

    Output data format: Verilog, EDIF200, GDSII, etc.

  • Highlights

    CLF supports the concurrent operation of multiple users, and is equipped with efficient automatic search algorithm and reliable network table checking method, which is very suitable for the analysis and redesign of ultra-large scale integrated circuits.

    CLF can support the analysis of millions to hundreds of millions of transistor chip projects, issue more than 20,000 software authorization certifications in total, and help global users to complete more than 40,000 chip analysis projects.

  • Hierux System

    Hierux System (Hierux) is an integrated circuit analysis and verification and back-end layout design software independently developed by Cellixsoft. It was published in 2005 and contains software modules such as circuit composer, circuit arrangement and layout design.

    Output data format: Open Access, Veirlog, EDIF200, VHDL, SPICE, Workview, Skill, CDL, etc.

  • Highlights

    In terms of overall design, whether in database structure or user interface, Hierux is very similar to Cadence, making it easy for engineers to use.

    Hierux provides a full range of circuit arrangement and editing functions and also supports hierarchical layout design. Its output data format is compatible with mainstream circuit simulation and layout verification tools. Software modules in Hierux all use the same open database structure and provide a perfect interface, allowing engineers to conduct secondary development according to project needs (Python, TCL).

    Hierux series software supports cross check of circuit and layout, which may be from circuit positioning to layout, or from layout positioning to circuit, and may also highlight and track the connected net.

  • BoolSmart System

    BoolSmart System (BoolSmart) is a powerful tool for digital integrated circuit protocol and algorithm analysis, which can be used for reference design and patent infringement analysis. It was released in 2016.

    Application: ADC/DAC, MCU, DSP, FPGA, CPU, etc.

  • Highlights

    BoolSmart can efficiently guide engineers to quickly identify and dig out the core structure of the original design, such as bus, state machine, if statement, case statement and so on, from the large-scale digital circuit. Using machine learning, BoolSmart can also dig out higher-level digital circuit modules such as SHA, AES, RSA, and ECC.

    BoolSmart uses automatic algorithm to analyze various logic expressions, constantly reduce variables, optimize expression forms, and finally generate a readable RTL code. After customers get the RTL code, they can conduct logical synthesis and APR again.